About Us

The Hunt was on ... after our franchise company announced in September 2021 that they would no longer support our brand, we were on the hunt for our new name, our new identity, our "forever home."  After several name and brand changes over the years, we researched other real estate franchise brands, but ultimately decided on independence.  We wanted the ability and flexibility to create our own brand that allowed us to showcase our talents, select our own tools and technology for our sales executives, to create our own marketing design and elements and in essence, be ourselves.

We are pleased to announce that we are finally HOME!  Announcing Fox & Riley Real Estate!  We have served the metro area for decades and like to consider our new brand as a very big, small company, with coast to coast experience, proven corporate business development and legendary service to our clients and community.  We are a locally owned and operated real estate firm with a customized approach to every real estate transaction.  We pride ourselves in taking part in the development of so many career professionals and the valued relationships that have led to our success.


Develop and adhere to the highest level of professional standards, impeccable ethics and legendary service to meet the needs of our clients and to inspire our peers to want to reach the same levels of professionalism.


To create a seamless real estate environment where the needs of every client are anticipated, planned and orchestrated to exceed expectations.  To make every service opportunity with our clients, our team members, our industry and our community an enjoyable experience; where clearly, we prove our respect and dedication to those we encounter.  To be a catalyst for Real Estate change, career advancement and education to positively impact the home-ownership experience and be a champion of elevating the real estate profession.


The 400 COLLECTION is a curated gallery of exceptional residences selected for their power to propel a life of luxury.  The 400 COLLECTION is selected for its design statement, esthetic appeal, historical presence, architectural elements or location potential.  It could be a refined classic, a dramatic contemporary, a rustic retreat, or a treasure waiting to be polished.

The 400 COLLECTION is not a price band of properties, reserved solely for the affluent buyer.  The Fox & Riley 400 COLLECTION recognizes that a life of style occurs at many price points among the vast array of exceptional neighborhoods thriving in the greater metro area.  Whether it is a sleek urban loft, a carefree condo among the stars, a quaint cottage, a gated estate, an equestrian palace, a transformative view, a tranquil waterfront, a regal garden district beauty, or a bustling suburban paradise, luxury is not limited.

Our favorite Frank Lloyd Wright quote ignites our quest for the HUNT...

“The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.  If you foolishly ignore beauty, you will find yourself without it.  Your life will be impoverished.  But if you invest in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life.” Frank Lloyd Wright

The HUNT for life changing properties is our passion. 
A question not limited by price or geographic boundaries.